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LRTILower Respiratory Tract Infections
LRTILower Respiratory Tract Illness
LRTILigament Reconstruction Tendon Interposition
LRTILegal Research and Training Institute (est. 1949; Ministry of Justice; South Korea)
LRTILong Range Thermal Imaging
LRTILodging, Restaurant and Tourism Index (Purdue University; Indiana)
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The effect on LRTI of antenatal compared with postnatal exposure suggests an in utero developmental lung effect.
The study involved a retrospective review of records of children aged from birth to 10 years who had been admitted to the PICU at IALCH with a viral LRTI between December 2010 and May 2015.
However, unusual activity was seen for certain syndromic conditions, including GPIH severe asthma and LRTI, as reported contemporaneously during the winter (30).
7%) of the 16 patients who were first diagnosed as HIV during hospitalization had PJP (nine patients) or PJP associated with Mycobacterium non-tuberculosis (two patients) and of the other five, two patients had histoplasmosis, one cryptococcosis, one tuberculosis, and one patient had LRTI.
The commonest causes of mortality amongst categories were sepsis, predominantly from LRTI, MI and heart failure, DCLD-related complications, haemorrhagic stroke, haematological malignancies and end-stage renal disease (ESRD).
However, a South African study showed an increased risk for LRTI (especially severe pneumonia) among breast-fed HIV-EU infants as compared to HU infants (27).
A total of 122 children aged between six months and five years who presented to the pediatric outpatient clinic between December 2010 and February 2011 including 63 children who were diagnosed with LRTI for the first time and 59 children who had no chronic disease and who did not show any LRTI sing in the last one month were included in the study.
However, this study failed to show any benefit in deaths due to respiratory failure or in patients with BAL confirmed LRTI.
In the United Kingdom (UK), the estimated incidence of LRTI is 30 per 1000 children per year.
1,7) There is some evidence that viral LRTI may also have extrapulmonary effects: about two per cent of infants with bronchiolitis will display central nervous symptoms such as seizures, lethargy, central apnoea and even encephalopathy.
Increased LRTI, and failure to maintain respiratory status with standard ACT's have been suggested as clinical indicators for the initiation of the CAM (Chatwin and Simonds 2009, Miske et al 2004).
89, 26 studies, moderate-quality evidence), but the results for LRTI and malaria were imprecise: LRTI (RR 1,95% CI 0.