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LRULeast Recently Used
LRULine Replaceable Unit
LRULoi Relative aux Libertés et Responsabilités des Universités (French: Law on the Freedom and Responsibilities of Universities)
LRULine Replacement Unit
LRULowest Replaceable Unit
LRULast Recently Used (less common)
LRULas Cruces, NM, USA (Airport Code)
LRULey Orgánica de Reforma Universitaria (Spain)
LRULess-than-Release Unit
LRULife Raft Unit
LRULogistical Replacement Unit
LRULethal RPG (Role Playing Game) Universe (game series)
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The former is actually the combination of Prob(p) and LRU.
To enable this approach, the government must define the LRUs for the vehicle in the request for proposal (RFP) and require delivery of FFF data (ICDs) for each LRU.
Replacement--perform procedures that remove a faulty LRU and replace it with one which has been verified to support operational goals of a system or piece of equipment.
The evaluation results showed that TBF achieves a better cache hit rate and operations per second comparable to those of LRU in spite of its much smaller memory requirements (Cristian et al.
Under the new system, every LRU identified as faulty by the Avenger's diagnostic board, including the LRUs incorrectly identified as NMC, would be replaced at a cost of $9,000 to $60,000.
The Most Recently Used replacement policy works conversely to LRU.
For North American customers, "this would support a coast-to-coast operation where LHT employees from California to New York will supply all maintenance stations throughout the network with LRUs," including cabin interior furnishings and fittings as well as large components such as thrust reversers.
A high-resolution image showing the LRU being installed, is available at: http://www.
System repair is accomplished by simply replacing an LRU.
The JTR sets will incorporate built-in tests to diagnose malfunctions to the LRU and prescribe corrective actions.
Under the Comanche program, Endwave will deliver a higher level of integration, as the RF receiver unit for the Comanche is a LRU (line replaceable unit) that integrates the LNA component with other active components in a complete subsystem assembly.
The LRU is the common element of all of the metal-cutting cells.