LRUCLorry Road User Charging (UK)
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TABLE 11 THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE FINITE SAMPLE CRITICAL VALUES AND THE ASYMPTOTIC CRITICAL VALUES FOR THE LRUC AND THE LRCC TEST STATISTICS Significance levels 1% 5% 10% [LR.sub.uc] Statistic Asymptotic [chi square](1) 66,348 38,414 27,055 Finite-sample 5,497 5,025 3,555 [] Statistic (0,49%) (9,49%) (12,19%) Asymptotic [chi square](2) 9,21 59,915 4,605 Finite-sample 6,007 5,015 5,005 (0,20%) (1,10%) (11,79%) Note: The finite sample critical values for the both test statistics for the lower 1 percent are based on 10.000 Monte Carlo simulations of sample size T = 253.
The good news is that LRUC is being developed in close consultation with representatives of the UK haulage and related industries, primarily through a sub-group of the Road Haulage Forum.
In theory, LRUC will be capable of charging different rates for lorries of different sizes and weights, for motorways and non-motorways, and for different daytime and night-time travel.