LRVDLeft Renal Vein Divided
LRVDLeptomeningeal Retrograde Venous Drainage
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Figure 5 shows the speed fluctuation of the 3rd, 25th, and 50th cars after 100 s, when [[lambda].sub.2] = [[lambda].sub.3] = 0.2 in LRVD model and [[lambda].sub.2] = 0.2, [[lambda].sub.3] = 0 in the LVD model.
In Figure 5, the speed fluctuation in LRVD model is smaller than that in LVD model, which means the stability of LRVD model has been improved compared to the LVD model.
To explore the improved stability of LRVD model, we pay attention to the distances between the first car and every following car behind it on the main lane.
In this paper, we presented a new LRVD model through considering the relative speed in front on the three-lane road.
Caption: Figure 2: Neutral stability curves and coexisting curves of OV, RV, LVD, and LRVD models.
Caption: Figure 5: (Color online) speed-time profile of the LRVD model (a) and LVD model (b) after the first car stops from the 100 s to 103 s.