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According to LSAC figures, Black multiracial students made up 9.
cc/HSJ6-Q8BS] (self-reporting significantly lower salaries for female law faculty, particularly those without tenure); 2011 LSAC Report, supra note 5, at 51 (indicating that tenured male law faculty earn twice what females earn at the high end of the pay scale); 2013-14 SALT Salary Survey, 2014 SALT Equalizer (Soc'y of Am.
Edad de las cohortes en el estudio LSAC, Series 1-8 Cohorte Serie 1 Serie 2 Serie 3 Serie 4 Ano 2004 2006 2008 2010 Lactante 0-1 ano 2-3 anos 4-5 anos 6-7 anos Nino(a) 4-5 anos 6-7 anos 8-9 anos 10-11 anos Cohorte Serie 5 Serie 6 Serie 7 Serie 8 Ano 2012 2014 2016 2018 Lactante 8-9 anos 10-11 anos 12-13 anos 14-15 anos Nino(a) 12-13 anos 14-15 anos 16-17 anos 18-19 anos Fuente: AIFS, (2012).
LSAC hosts Law School Forums in ten cities across the United States and Canada, including Atlanta, the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Toronto and Washington, DC.
According to Lissner, the accommodations request process was also made more burdensome because students had to turn in documentation very early and LSAC would often reject requests without much explanation.
He is a member and former chair of the Law School Admission Council, past chair of the Association of American Law Schools Committee on Curriculum & Research, and chair of the LSAC Test Development & Research Committee.
Our study complements work by Smart & Sanson (2005), who compare children's temperament and behavioural difficulties in the ATP and LSAC and find that despite the demographic and family changes that have occurred in Australia in the past 20 years, children's characteristics with respect to temperament and behavioural difficulties in the two surveys are similar.
The opinions contained in this paper are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of LSAC.
Because LSAC data contain information about disability, they were able to present information, albeit incomplete, about achievement levels among these children.
LSAC Applicant References: Letters of Recommendation and Evaluation Services, LSAC, http://www.