LSADLimerick School of Art & Design (Ireland)
LSADLogistics Support Analysis Documentation
LSADLondon Stolen Art Database (UK)
LSADLocal Security Authority Domain
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La reduccion de la humedad correspondio a 63% del limite superior de agua disponible (LSAD) para la epoca seca y a 76% del LSAD en la epoca de lluvia, y aun cuando este valor fue el mayor, continuo siendo inferior al limite productivo para el arroz que es de 84% del LSAD de acuerdo a lo informado por Alfonso (1998).
The BEE3+ LSAD adapter meets requirements for the California Energy Commission's Minimum Efficiency and No-Load Energy Reduction Standards, meaning it draws minimal power and meets or exceeds the new standards when plugged in and the printer is turned off.
From Limerick With Love was put together by LSAD students and unveiled last night at the Glazed Street in Merchant's Quay by former Minister and Limerick native Des O'Malley.