LSAOLentil Seedling Amino Oxidase
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The 100 nm thick LCMO thin films were deposited on miscut LSAO substrates with [(001).sub.LSAO] plane tilted to the surface Wafer at an angle a of 10[degrees] by facing-target sputtering technique from stoichiometry targets [10].
Except for the (00/) LSAO substrate and the (h0h) LCMO film reflections, there was no diffraction peak from impurity phase or randomly oriented grain, indicating the epitaxial growth of the sample.
It is noteworthy that the photovoltaic response was reversed when the LSAO substrate was irradiated.
Yirmi uc SAB hastasinda topiramat ile yapilan 16 haftalik, acik etiketli, esnek dozun uygulandigi bir calismada, KGI-Iyilesme puanlarinda anlamli azalma, LSAO puanlarinda %29.4 oranmda dusme bulunurken, remisyon oraninin %26.1 oldugu gorulmustur (40).