LSARLight Search and Rescue
LSARLand Search and Rescue (various locations)
LSARLimited Stock Appreciation Right
LSARLogistics Support Analysis Requirements
LSARLogistics Support Analysis Record/Report
LSARLocal Storage Address Register (computing)
LSARLeast-Squares Auto-Regressive (algorithm)
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Notice that a word should it be submitted to LSAR only after is has failed to comply with any of the previous rules.
As the first refinement in words that end in terminals, if an SS occurs immediately to the left of the terminal, the KSAR applies, not the LSAR. For example,
This distinguishes between verbs like reinstate (PWAR) and reinstigate (LSAR):
As the third refinement, the LSAR operates on words that end in -ize, -ist, -ism, and -ish only if they include no weak ending or strong sequence (SS) immediately to the left of the terminal (e.g., w[]sternize, det[]rminism, d[]vilish, psych[]logist).
baboon bamboo Chinese arcade Overall, the key to the correct application of LSAR is that EFL/ESL learners must not mistake a weak ending or a word-final SS for a terminal.
In American English, two sets of morphologically complex words of Greek origin resist the application of LSAR:
The fact that acts of self-poisoning were independently verified by emergency room personnel, and their lethality objectively assessed using the LSARS, avoided the potential distortion associated with adolescents' retrospective self-reports.
Another solution is to issue limited SARs (LSARs), exercisable only in the event of a tender offer or merger.