LSASLiebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (questionnaire)
LSASLand Status Automated System (Canada)
LSASLothian Surgical Audit System (UK)
LSASLongitudinal Stability Augmentation System
LSASLine-Side Answer Supervision
LSASLaw School Admission Service (Law School Admission Council)
LSASLitter Station Augmentation Set (US Air Force)
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The relationship of the presence of generalized tonic-clonic seizures with BDI, LSAS and CSEI scores were assessed and no statistically significant relationship was found (p > 0.
We did not find any significant relationsip between the variables in the patient group such as age, duration of the disease, frequency of seizures, and types of seizures and BDI, LSAS and CSEI scores (Table 5).
The major finding in our study was the statistically significant difference in the total BDI, LSAS and CSEI scores between the patients and the healthy controls.
To our knowledge, this is the first clinical study used LSAS in patients with epilepsy.