LSAS-CALiebowitz Social Anxiety Scale for Children and Adolescents
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60, and the highest one was that obtained between the SPAI-C and the fear subscale of the LSAS-CA.
Table 4 Correlations between the SPAI-C (total scores) and other instruments Assessment Instruments Correlation LSAS-CA .
Previous data of the validation of the Liebowitz social anxiety scale for children and adolescents: LSAS-CA.
The LSAS-CA, which differentiates anxious from nonanxious children and adolescents, rates:
As a test of the reliability, validity, and internal consistency of the LSAS-CA, 55 children aged 9-18 years, including 23 with anxiety disorders and 32 normal controls, were assessed using the LSAS-CA and five other standardized, self-reported anxiety scales: