LSAYLongitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (research program; Australia)
LSAYLongitudinal Study of American Youth
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The current study makes use of data from one of the LSAY cohorts--the LSAY95 cohort, which is a group of young Australians initially recruited into the survey in 1995 when their median age was 14.
Students who participate in the LSAY study undertake achievement tests in reading and mathematics and in other areas at age 15 years.
Penman (2004) found that, amongst the LSAY cohort that were in year 9 in 1995, 80% of early leavers and 76% of late leavers said securing a job or apprenticeship was an important consideration when deciding whether to leave school, with around half noting it was the most important.
For example, using data from the LSAY, Ma (1997) reported that gender differences in mathematics coursework are significant only in Grade 12 in favor of males.
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In Betts (1996b), I use the aforementioned LSAY data for this purpose.
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This technical paper contains information about the variables in the LSAY (Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth) Y95 cohort data set.
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The LSAY data were distributed by the Chicago Academy of Science with no license restriction.
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