LSBMLaboratory for Systems Biology and Medicine (University of Toyko; Toyko, Japan)
LSBMLondon School of Business and Management (UK)
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The targeted methods of LSBM steganography are also useful for detecting LSBMR based on our experiments.
The highest percentage of response (88%) was recorded on LSBM fortified with BAP (3.
LSBM fortified with different concentrations 2,4-D and NAA were used to induce callus from the vegetative bud explant (Fig.
Both the type of callus obtained from vegetative bud explant (compact creamish white callus and loose brownish friable callus) were subcultured on LSBM fortified with BAP and Kn to study their morphogenetic response.
The highest frequency of response (84%) was observed on LSBM supplemented with BAP (3.
As a result, both HCGM and HSBM supplied more RDP than LCGM and LSBM, respectively (Table 2).
Ingredients and chemical composition of experimental diets (1) Diets (2) Items LCGM HCGM LSBM HSBM Ingredients (% dry matter (DM)) Ground corn 50.