LSBMELouisiana State Board of Medical Examiners
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The current executive director of the LSBME read aloud from the board's policy manual but, despite a legislator's repeated attempt to get a "straight answer" out of him, he would not say whether one of the doctors who testified finally could get a copy of his own complete file, which he had been requesting for years.
Patients needing an affordable diagnostic test will have fewer choices because an excellent CT scanner and MRI machine were sold to someone in Dubai by a highly competent American doctor delicensed and bankrupted by the LSBME. Sick patients will have to rely more on practitioners with limited training because of the shortage of highly trained, experienced physicians.
A group of MDs or ODs, licensed to practice medicine by the LSBME.
A statement must also include contact information for the LSBME.
Approved forwarding current LSMS representative and LSBME member Michael Burdine, MD to the Governor's office for re-appointment.
The LSMS is proposing legislation, House Bill 273 by Representative Nick Lorusso of New Orleans, which seeks to increase physician's due process rights and privacy when interacting with the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME).
The LSBME serves to regulate the practice of medicine in Louisiana by examining all applicants and issuing licenses or permits to those possessing the necessary qualifications.
The use of the most recent publically available data from the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME), in which physicians must be relicensed every two years, is a potentially more accurate way to estimate the number of active physicians in Louisiana.