LSBNLouisiana State Board of Nursing
LSBNLesbian Social Business Network
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The appeal is focused on the January 10, 2008 decision of the 19th Judicial District Court in Louisiana in which the court erred in holding that LSBN had substantively expanded the scope of practice for CRNAs into areas where they have not traditionally practiced and that interventional pain management is not within the scope of practice for CRNAs but is instead the practice of medicine.
The LSBN testimony and evidentiary submissions prove that the CRNAs in Louisiana have the documented education, training, and experience to safely perform procedures involving the injection of anesthetics, steroids, and analgesics; therefore, making interventional pain management a long-standing element of a Louisiana CRNAs scope of practice.
Identity is approved by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and offers basic and advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification training (2004 approval by other professional boards applied NASW, LPC, TNA, LSBN.