LSBULondon South Bank University (UK)
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Researchers from 20 countries gathered at the two-day event held under the patronage of Education Minister Dr Majid Al Nuaimi and organised by the ASU in association with the LSBU.
LSBU was established as the Borough Polytechnic Institute in 1892 and has since developed into a centre focusing on vocational education and professional opportunity.
The GSHP system within the K2 building at LSBU uses four WaterFurnace EKW130 reversible HP units.
It has been researched, developed and tested in LSBU's state-of-the-art anechoic chamber, by the LSBU Biomedical and Communications (BiMEC) research group and local firm Hughes Electronics.
The new control stations at LSBU are contained in one lecture stand where professors can have all controls at their fingertips.
The LSBU appointment will further strengthen Muckle's presence in the education sector.
Rebecca Milne, Head of UK Recruitment at LSBU says: "We know clearing can be incredibly stressful, but it is important not to panic.
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This is only the start of our partnership with LSBU, we are pursuing avenues in other subjects as internationalisation is the direction we want to go in.
Robert Tozer is a visiting fellow at LSBU and managing director at Operational Intelligence Ltd, London, UK.
The first three optometrists to embark on the IoO/ LSBU Dr Optometry programme have now completed their research and successfully defended their theses at viva.
After an impressive 84-54 away victory at London United last Sunday, the Heat will be hosting LSBU Brixton Topcats today (5.