LSCDLimbal Stem Cell Deficiency
LSCDLife Safety Code Deficiency (US FEMA)
LSCDLicensed Status Confirmation Document
LSCDLondon School of Contemporary Dance (UK)
LSCDLarge Screen Color Display
LSCDLaboratorio Secundario de Calibraciones Dosimétricas (Peru)
LSCDLaser Stand-Off Chemical Detector
LSCDLiquid/Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
LSCDDoctor of the Science of Law
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LSCD is a significant cause of sight loss--especially in countries where resources and services are limited--but it does not typically respond to standard treatments.
LSCD sufferers cannot regenerate these stem cells, leading to pain, scarring and severely reduced vision, which can even include blindness.
Corneal lesions might be improved by keratoplasty but as there was LSCD, chances of graft failure were very high.
LSCD is a rare and seriously debilitating condition affecting one or both eyes due to physical or chemical ocular burns, inflammatory diseases, and hereditary diseases.
Chiesi management said once FDA-approved, GPLSCD01 could become an important therapy for LSCD patients in the U.S.
However, some important issues still represent a challenge, including the identification of positive stem cell markers to better isolate and characterize stem cells and the treatment of severe, total, bilateral LSCD.
Whereas the LSCD could ensure the detection probability equal to 1 theoretically, because it adopts ring structure and forms witness arcs with a certain length, meanwhile, the detection routes are perpendicular to the arc (centrifugal) and the distance of each two adjacent detection routes is less than the arc length.
The circumstances that lead to LSCD are divided into two main groups, primary causes and secondary causes (Table 1).
Final guidelines published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have backed Eisai's (TYO: 4523) Holoclar as a treatment option for adults with moderate to severe limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD) following eye burns, Pharma Times reported on Friday.
These oral epithelial cultures will stand a good chance of being used for ocular surface reconstruction in patients with bilateral LSCD and deep corneal cloudiness.
Therefore, ebselen was demonstrated to be an effective hypothermic preservation medium for tissue-engineered cell sheets, and it is believed to promote the ocular regenerative medicine, such as LSCD management and cornea transplantation.
(5) have reported isolated peripheral corneal neovascularization in 7.26% of patients and LSCD in 1.2% patients.