LSCDVAMCLouis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Case Western Reserve University)
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The CARES project, founded by VA central office and piloted at LSCDVAMC was aimed at: (1) increasing caregiver knowledge of providing complementary therapies, (2) increasing resources for veterans and their family members, and (3) creating a wellness center/library for complementary therapies.
A CARES comfort cart with select tapes and books was assembled by the project team and provided to each inpatient nursing unit at LSCDVAMC.
The LSCDVAMC protocol was based on methods that had long been established in the fields of medicine and pharmacy (Brown & Dodek, 1997; Hollingsworth, Rowe, Brisebois, Thompson, & Fabris, 1995; Rasche, Reilly, Guidry, Fontana, & Srinivas, 1993).
The LSCDVAMC researchers developed a study in 2009 titled "Call Light Use among Veteran Patients.
The educational program also identifies the initiatives and programs in place at LSCDVAMC to eradicate disruptive and intimidating behaviors.
Using a solid foundation built on education, the nursing process, EBP, collaboration, and research, LSCDVAMC nurses will continue to refine the nursing practice to achieve the VA values of integrity, excellence, advocacy, commitment, and respect for those who have served their country.