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LSCELeast Square Complex Exponential (algorithm)
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In parallel, the result of the dating conducted by the LSCE of the black spots on yellow aurochs no.
In the case of the analyses performed by the LSCE, despite the issue of the mixture of different spots, the dates obtained are equally coherent, although they are based on a single sample.
It is easy to show that such a constant volume LSCE is biaxial [22].
Kundler and Finkelmann did not observe reentrant-type behavior in a similar but more complex LSCE with two cross-linking agents where the fraction of CN mesogens was less than 50 mol% [5] and the glass transition temperatures, [T.sub.g] [equivalent to] 0[degrees]C.
The resulting liquid single crystal elastomers (LSCEs) change their lengths significantly in the vicinity of the cross-linking temperature, [T.sub.c], which can be, but need not be [8], within 5 K of the clearing temperature of the liquid crystal phase cross linked in the elastomer.
While being not obvious for LSCEs cross linked in the vicinity of the nematic-isotropic phase transition temperature, TNI, of the LC moieties, their importance became clearer while studying LCEs cross linked far from [T.sub.NI] [8, 9] and thus is well supported by experiments and observations of the elastomers synthesized by the Finkelmann method, and this leads to a natural explanation for the unusual transparency of the monodomain elastomers discussed here.
Take the sample(pincer) out of the alcohol solution, and respectively cut the three parts of clamp, central and the root of pincer into some tiny chips to adapt the range of observation of the LSCE.
From the different multiples observation research on the small bump of root surface of pincers of crawfish from a to b with LSCE in Fig.
In order to detailed research on the bump and bristles of the central surface of pincer, the author did a further studied from a to b with LSCE in Fig.
When researching on the clamp surface of pincer from a to b with LSCE in Fig.
Using the mouse model, Shresta's group has already made a key and surprising observation that a type of liver cells, called liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSCEs), but not the previously expected cells types (such as macrophages and dendritic cells) support ADE of dengue infection.