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We prepared rectangular LSCEs samples for which the director n is in the plane of the sample.
The conclusion is that cross-linking temperature, [T.sub.c](K), is a good thermodynamic scaling parameter leading to consistent, if not universal, plots for spontaneous shape change in these LSCEs. In particular, as mentioned above, the cyanophenyl in CN100 requires very high temperatures to activate the enantiomeric mesogenic phases of neat 4cyanophenyl 4'-n-alkoxybenzoate.
Rather the effects of increasing dislocation content in LSCEs shows enhancement of orientational order and a loss of coherence in the layer structure as more loops form.
Its wide angle X-ray diffraction pattern would be a modulated diffuse ring with an integral number of more intense but still diffuse regions every While being difficult to observe modulated diffuse wide angle rings in the so-called homeotropic geometry [7, 11-15]where the sample plane is perpendicular to n, such an experiment would provide valuable information, currently missing, on LSCE structure.
It is easy to show that such a constant volume LSCE is biaxial [22].