LSCFLarge-Scale Commercial Farm
LSCFLocal Self-Consistent-Field (method)
LSCFLanthanum Strontium Cobalt Ferrite
LSCFLife Sciences Computing Facility (University of California, Santa Barbara)
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y otros tres autores, The effect of thermal treatment on the resistance of LSCF electrodes on gadolinia doped ceria electrolytes, Solid State Ionics, 86-88, 767-772 (1996).
However, tubes made of LSCF (Lanthanum-Strontium-Cobalt-Ferric Oxide) act as a filter so only oxygen reaches the methane gas.
LSCF is resistant to corrosion, however, the Newcastle team is now carrying out further tests on the durability of the tubes to confirm they could withstand the conditions inside a power station combustion chamber.
LSCF works by filtering oxygen out of the air and burning fuel in pure oxygen, making it possible to produce a stream of almost pure carbon dioxide.
The LSCF tubes would allow only the oxygen component of air to reach the methane gas, resulting in the production of almost pure carbon dioxide and steam, which can easily be separated by condensing out the steam as water.