LSCILife Space Crisis Intervention
LSCILarge Sample Confidence Interval
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Both LDI and LSCI techniques exploits coherent light source (laser) while there is another optical technology for blood microcirculation assessment, PPG which operates under either incoherent or ambient illumination [14,15].
Applications of the LDF and LSCI technologies allows assessment of such important parameters of microcirculation as the velocity of the cutaneous blood flow, the relative laser skin-perfusion units (LSPU), and their variations under different impacts.
Algeria came first in terms of the growth of its maritime transport activity, followed by Syria and Qatar, while Libya, Jordan and Iraq saw annual decreases of 43 percent, 25 percent and 18 percent respectively in their LSCI.
When looking at the past five years, Lebanon's LSCI score improved, from 12.
The LSCI is not a measure of shipping performance, but one of accessibility.
Cook comes to LSCI from her post as director of business development for MAX Federal Credit Union of Alabama where she was instrumental in building deposits and loans through a business partner despite the on-site presence of a large bank.
Prior to joining LSCI, Brown served as vice-president of collections for VyStar Credit Union.