LSCMALogistics and Supply Chain Management Association (Missouri State University; Springfield, MO)
LSCMALeast-Squares Constant Modulus Algorithm
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The complexity cost of the conventional LSCMA and the proposed robust LSCMA can be shown in Tables 1 and 2.
The proposed robust constrained LSCMA is globally stable and convergent via Agee's inequalities.
For i > 0, the overall performance may either improve or be maintained; thus the convergence performance of the proposed LSCMA is established.
The constrained parameter [[xi].sup.2] = 0.03 is chosen for robust constrained LSCMA.
We find out that at a small mismatch the linearly constrained LSCMA treats the desired signal as a main beam interferer and is trying to suppress it, which leads to performance degradation.
In this example, the constrained LSCMA is very sensitive even to slight mismatches, which can cause signal cancellation problem.
In this example, the performance of the linearly constrained LSCMA degrades when the signal power increases.