LSCOLarge Scale Combat Operations (US Army)
LSCOLamar State College Orange (Texas)
LSCOLocal School Community Organization (Detroit, MI)
LSCOLondon Soloists Chamber Orchestra (London, England, UK)
LSCOLarge Scale Combinatorial Optimization
LSCOLanthanum Strontium Cobalt Oxide
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Why doesn't the Army organize at home station the way it will fight in LSCO?
[] Reorganize movement control battalions (MCBs) and MCTs to improve warfighter support during LSCO.
I have directed substantial revisions to Field Manual (FM) 3-11, Multi-Service Doctrine for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Operations, to ensure that our force is aligned with the new FM 3-0, Operations, and that we are prepared to execute our CBRN tasks in support of LSCO. (1, 2) The completion of FM 3-11 is on an expedited timeline.
* Capture CBRN capabilities in decisive action in the conduct of LSCO.
LSCO is a "trade ally" for Entergy Solutions, the energy-efficiency program of Entergy.
LSCO has performed energy upgrades for a number of cities in the state, including Stuttgart, DeWitt and Dumas, removing incandescent and fluorescent lighting in city halls, fire stations, libraries and senior centers and installing LED lighting.
The LSCO carrier concentration is nearly unambiguously determined, because the hole concentration for Cu[O.sub.2] plane, [n.sub.2D], is equal to the x value, that is, to the Sr concentration, as long as the oxygen is stoichiometric [35].
LSCO will create high demands for CBRN personnel and health service professionals.
"LSCO's main services are residential generator turnkey installation and service," said owner James "Buddy" Hain, who opened the business because he wanted to work for himself.
The Army's transition from a counterinsurgency focus to LSCO will change the way we sustain ourselves.