LSCSLone Star College System (Texas)
LSCSLumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis
LSCSLarge Scale Climate Simulator (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
LSCSLower Segment Caesarian Section
LSCSLogistics Support Command, Somalia
LSCSLarge Scale Coronal Structures (solar activity)
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Conclusion: Frequency of placenta previa was significantly higher in patients with history of LSCS.
LSCS, 29 had three LSCS, and 4 had previous four LSCS.
The LSCS is a consortium project between Barnardo's Scotland, City of Edinburgh Council, East Lothian Council, West Lothian Council and Midlothian Council, and is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.
A reduction of one-third in the exposure of trainees to general anaesthesia for LSCS was reported by Hawthorne et al in a UK obstetric unit between 1981 and 1994 (16).
At the uncomplicated LSCS under spinal anaesthetic, routine inspection of the uterus and adnexa revealed a 30 x 20 x 15 mm pedunculated firm pale mass attached to the left ovary suggestive of a fibroma.
The crew of the LSCS numbered five people who were in the field for 10 weeks in both 1991 and 1992.
In CMH each LSCS and difficult or assisted SVD is attended by a pediatrician while even uncomplicated SVD is attended by gynecologist and trained nurse.
6] Katke RD et al in a LSCS audit in a tertiary care centre in Mumbai got incidence of LSCS of 25.
Table 4 shows that out of 5 patients with positive TPOAb, 3 developed preeclampsia, 4 underwent LSCS out of which 2 were preterm, 2 patients developed postpartum thyroiditis, 4 babies develop neonatal jaundice.
This grant program assists qualifying LSCS students to earn a workforce certificate in one of Lone Star College's Career and Technical Education Certification programs while building core skills in math, reading, and language during a coinciding support class.