LSDBLink-State Database
LSDBLocus Specific Database
LSDBLiveset Database (music website; Netherlands)
LSDBLump Sum Death Benefit
LSDBLouisiana School for the Deaf and the Blind
LSDBLa Seda de Barcelona (Spanish textile business)
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So Mariella, I think I'll stick with what I've got but should your husband have to cancel again, my LSDB asked me to let you know he is available to stand in.
One of the key final steps in the original development of the LSDB was to add a password-protected administrative login function, so only library staff would be able to add and delete records.
Refining and testing the LSDB was done in a catch-as-catch-can manner.
One of the first things we implemented was to make every field in each catalog in the LSDB searchable.
The second refinement was the creation of a whole suite of catalogs for the LSDB.
During summer 2000, computing staff installed the LSDB on employees' workstations.
We also send periodic e-mail reminders and tips on LSDB usage to all staff.
When the LSDB project was underway, everyone involved began to realize that the project would have begun more smoothly if the library staff had known more about the computing applications and the computing staff knew more about library operations and needs.
The LSDB progressed as time allowed, in a somewhat random fashion.
One impetus for developing the LSDB ourselves was lack of funding for purchasing an off-the-shelf library automation system.
While a number of engineers are now using the LSDB, and follow-up comments indicate they are pleased to have it, we believe we could have done an even better job if representative engineers had been involved.
We provide access via a shared drive in the Novell network, but the LSDB itself must be installed on each client computer.