LSDBListing Services Data Base
LSDBLink-State Database
LSDBLocus Specific Database
LSDBLiveset Database (music website; Netherlands)
LSDBLump Sum Death Benefit
LSDBLouisiana School for the Deaf and the Blind
LSDBLa Seda de Barcelona (Spanish textile business)
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kill(i){ [t.sub.hello,i] = [infinity]; [t.sub.dead,i] = [infinity]; [t.sub.refreshLSA,i] = [infinity]; [t.sub.maxAgeLSA,i] = [infinity]; [t.sub.i] = [infinity]; } Regarding LSA exchange process, an update (i) function has been added up in the [R.sub.a,i] term in order to check whether each LSA header received by a local router i within an OSPF type 2 packet, also known as Description Data Base (DBD) packet, is more up to date than that of the corresponding LSA stored on its own LSDB copy.
For each incoming LSA headers meeting this condition, the local router i will be requesting the full LSA from the proper DBD sender in order to perform the LSA update out of its local LSDB. Furthermore, if the LSA is brand new, it does demand it as well.
We were among the first to ask to be included in the Lsdb network in 2012," Armenis told the Cyprus Mail.
He said that the area in question neighbours the Livadhia refugee estate which is already connected to the Lsdb network, but that there is delay in the authority's decision to connect those 170 houses as well.
On arrival at the destination, LSDB heads for a bar while I reject the first three rooms we are given because they are above the bins or overlooking the car park or they smell of feet.
LSDB understands I never get past day three without hypochondria kicking in.
The LSDB was launched in late 2012 with an initial $ 8.9 million contract, awarded by US Special Operations Command with a view to using it on the AC-130W/J.
As indicated in Figure 13(a), the testing PC generates the emulated network topology sending LSA towards the SR-A so that the SR-As LSDB is updated.
The values of the viscosity and density for crudes wheys are respectively: 1.223cP and 1.027for LSAB, 1.323cP and 1031 for LSDB, according Adrian et al, [3], the viscosity depends with the temperature, the nature of the solvent, the size, shape, concentration of the electric charge of the dispersed particles and their affinity for the solvent.
It took several meetings and revisions for us to develop a format for the LSDB that would meet library staff needs.