LSDFLibera Societa Del Frisbee (Italian: Free Society of Frisbee; est. 1986; Rimini, Italy)
LSDFLiberty School District Foundation (Missouri)
LSDFLow-Sulphur Diesel Fuel
LSDFLocal Spin Density Functional
LSDFLeast Significant Digit First
LSDFLife Skills Development Foundation
LSDFLondon Sustainable Development Framework (UK)
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The targeted procurement serves to expand existing storage systems in two separate installations, Gridka and lsdf. The existing storage systems are realized as software-defined storage clusters based on spectrum scale, Which can be scaled in the form of storage building blocks (sbb) both in capacity and in cumulative performance.
TLC has found a workable model, and having supported the developmental stages through partner financial contributions, an LSDF grant has now ensured that OSCR will soon be a fully working application.
Announced that the company received $20.0 million from Vulcan and a grant award for $5.0 million from LSDF to support the advancement of the company's GPCR program.
Following the end of the third quarter, Omeros received $20.0 million from Vulcan Capital (Vulcan) and a $5.0 million grant award from Washington State's Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF) to fund its G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) program.
In 1978, a separate unit within ALA, focusing on deaf people, was formally established; the Library Services to the Deaf Forum (LSDF) is one of the several forums of the Library Services to Special Populations Section (LSSPS) within the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA), a division of ALA.
It states that the Walmer Local Spatial Development Framework plan also advocates that the consolidation of properties for developments should be promoted, adding that the rezoning proposal is therefore firmly in accordance with the vision of the Walmer LSDF .