LSDPLump Sum Death Payment
LSDPLithuanian Social Democratic Party
LSDPLatvian Social Democratic Party (political party)
LSDPLow-Sulphur Diesel-Production
LSDPLife-Span Developmental Psychology
LSDPLe Sacre du Printemps (French: The Rite of Spring; ballet)
LSDPLoop Shaping Design Procedure
LSDPLocal Sustainable Development Plan
LSDPLatin Sisters Design Productions
LSDPLittle Sisters of Divine Providence
LSDPLa Strega Di Portobello (Italian, Paulo Coelho book)
LSDPLife Skills Development Program
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"The concept struck us as simple, robust, and repeatable," Cody Gruwell, general manager of the LSDP Canyon plant stated in the award entry.
Paluckas, the LSDP leader, dismissed the move as an attempt of his former colleagues "to get attention"--in his words, the LSDP notified all international structures and international Social Democratic organizations about the split of the group.
For the sake of simplicity, we will use the following abbreviations for them: LSDP, "Lietuvos socialdemokratu partija" (formed by LSDP and LDDP, which participated in the 1992 election), TS-LKD, "Tevynes sajunga--Lietuvos krikAscionys demokratai" (could be considered to be a successor of the SK and LKDP, which participated in the 1992 election), TPP, "Tautos prisikelimo partija," DP, "Koalicija Darbo partija + jaunimas," LRLS, "Lietuvos Respublikos liberal sajudis," TT, "Partija Tvarka ir teisingumas," and LiCS, "Liberalu ir centro sqjunga." As previously all other parties (9 of them) were combined to form the "Other" party (abbr.
En la LDP se observo una discriminacion significativa por parte de los participantes entre frases gramaticales y no gramaticales, pero no en la LSDP, tanto en la condicion que tenia un solo item por clase de palabra como en la que contenia varios items por clase.
En el ano 2001, el Comite Permanente de la LSDP se percato una vez mas de cuanto habian crecido los servicios de bibliotecas en prisiones, no solo en el occidente y Europa, sino tambien en varios paises en vias de desarrollo y antiguos aliados o naciones que formaban parte de la ex Union Sovietica.
In 2001, the Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons (LSDP) Section of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), published the "International Resource Book for Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons." This publication is a seventy year retrospective which chronicles the history of the Section from 1931 to 2001.
Given the fact that this development follows so soon on the heels of a highly successful $1 billion upgrade of the country's Bapco refinery including the creation of a low-sulphur diesel plant (LSDP) whose low-emission products have opened a host of new markets to Bahrain, it is clear that under the guidance of Noga, Bahrain can finally begin to view the future with confidence, as well as its past with pride.
The biggest project contracted in late 2003 was a $430 million EPCM job for JGC of Japan to install a 40,000 b/d low sulphur diesel production (LSDP) unit at the 250,000 b/d Sitra refinery of Bahrain Petroleum Co.
Website features the company's NALGENE Brand Products, NUNC Brand Products, I-CHEM products, NALGENE Outdoor; and offers links to NNI Japan, NNI BioTech and NUNC LSDP. An online catalog is available for accessing product information.
I am delighted to announce that Australias former Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Hobbs will be appointed as chair of the LSDP Expert Panel.
The Lithuanian Social Democratic Party (LSDP) is undergoing the greatest crisis in its history.
I am sure one more person would be added to the list and she is Sister Doctor Mary Litty, foundress of the Little Servants of the Divine Providence (LSDP).