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LSDSLiving Standards and Development Survey (social science)
LSDSLow Sulfur Diesel Supreme (fuel)
LSDSLife Signs Detection System
LSDSLarge-Scale Distributed Simulations (software)
LSDSLone Star Daylily Society (Alvin, TX)
LSDSLife Safety Data Sheet (high-rise building safety)
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Conversely, some LSDS are designed for drilling down.
National Security Agency data collection reveal that LSDS consisting of telephone records, consumer purchases, and other data are now available to government analysts.
In all instances, LSDS may produce knowledge previously inaccessible, but they may also lead us astray either in the way they aggregate or in the way they drill down, or both.
It is not clear just how much each of these challenges is relevant to any given LSDS.
LSDS may suffer from what engineers call "lossiness.
Many LSDS are collected over long periods of time during which the phenomena of interest to researchers may change.