LSEMLutheran Special Education Ministries (Detroit, MI)
LSEMLegal Services of Eastern Missouri
LSEMLegal Services of Eastern Michigan
LSEMLandelijk Steunpunt Educatie Molukkers (Dutch: Rural Education Support Moluccans)
LSEMLongitudinal Survey of Ethnic Minorities (UK)
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(26) Oetting reasoned that the district court abused its discretion in ordering the distribution to LSEM because "further distribution to the classes [was] feasible" and the choice of LSEM was inappropriate because "LSEM is unrelated to the classes or the litigation," making it ineligible to be the "'next best' cy pres recipient." (27)
On appeal, the Eighth Circuit agreed with Oetting and reversed the district court on both grounds, holding first that the cy pres distribution was premature because an additional distribution is feasible and second that LSEM is not an appropriate "next best" recipient of the surplus funds.
(65) Moreover, "no further search need be made for class members whose checks were returned undelivered, so that potentially burdensome expense need not be incurred." (66) The court rejected the district court's conclusion that distribution would be "inappropriate because it would primarily benefit large institutional investors, who are less worthy than charities such as LSEM" and "not inure to the benefit of those actually harmed." (67) The court opined that allowing those considerations "endorses judicially impermissible misappropriation of monies" and that they are simply irrelevant to the court's analysis.
Johnson, who was represented by LSEM, filed an answer, affirmative defenses including a breach of the implied warranty of habitability, and a two-count counterclaim for violation of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and a common law breach of lease alleging violation of the implied warranty of habitability.
Members of its legal department have helped provide all three services in LSEM's microenterprise program, including one-on-one representation.
Voor het Landelijk Steunpunt Educatie Molukkers (LSEM) waren de kritische kanttekeningen aanleiding om een aantal regio's nader onder de loep te nemen.
De aanleiding voor de opdracht was een gesprek tussen Forum, de toenmalige minister Ella Vogelaar van Wonen, Wijken en Integratie, en een Molukse delegatie, waaronder het LSEM. Uiteraard werden in de quickscan de bevindingen van Veenmans studie uit 2001 opnieuw bevestigd.
Teitelman, who led LSEM for 18 years before serving on the Missouri Supreme Court from 2002 until his death in 2016.
He has served as a volunteer lawyer with LSEM's community economic development program for the past three years and received LSEM's pro bono award in 2016.
Simon is managing attorney at The Simon Law Firm, which has supported LSEM for almost 20 years.