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LSFLinear Spectral Frequency (signal processing)
LSFLangue des Signes Française (French Sign Language)
LSFLightweight Steel Framing
LSFLamp Survival Factor (lighting)
LSFLoad Sharing Facility
LSFLehre Studium Forschung (German: Teaching Education Research)
LSFLime Saturation Factor (raw materials)
LSFLinux Socket Filter
LSFLibrary System File
LSFLabel Style File
LSFLine Switch Frame
LSFLeased from
LSFLine Spread Function
LSFLost Souls Forever
LSFLearning for a Sustainable Future (est. 1991; Canada)
LSFLes Savy Fav (band)
LSFLow Smoke and Fume
LSFLarge-Scale Flow
LSFLaw Society Finals (UK)
LSFLanka Software Foundation (Sri Lanka)
LSFLyme sans Frontière (French: Lyme Disease without Border)
LSFLuxembourg School of Finance (Luxembourg University)
LSFLate SV40 Factor (mammalian transcription)
LSFLiberty Security Force (gaming)
LSFLinux Socket Filtering
LSFLeast Slack First
LSFLibros sin Fronteras (Spanish: Books without Frontiers; Olympia, WA)
LSFLutheran Services of Florida
LSFLight Strike Force (Singapore Police)
LSFLaser-Saturated Fluorescence
LSFLogistics Support Facility
LSFLeast Significant First (byte order)
LSFLost Strike Force (gaming clan)
LSFLocal Service Freeze
LSFLinear State Feedback
LSFLeast Significant Figure
LSFLongest Segment First
LSFLow-Stop Filter
LSFLife Sciences Facility
LSFLeast Squares Fusion
LSFLloyd Special Forces
LSFLower Support Frame
LSFLesser Sciatic Foramen
LSFLine-Supervision Frame
LSFLone Star Football
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LSFs have hired a Konecranes sales specialist to focus on the Konecranes product line, and their entire sales force has been specifically trained on Konecranes Lift Trucks products.
Everyone wants to service the big multinationals, but we are passionate about SME's at LSF because they are the driving force behind almost any economy.
Representative of LSF, Farzana Shahid, in her address, spotlighted the collaboration and achievements of the both institutions in order to empower the small farmers and their efforts to enhance their capacity building to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
Then, the LSF is evaluated for the generated random numbers, so that each random number corresponds to a LSF value.
It will be headquartered in Philadelphia, the site of CHF's library and museum, but maintain offices and staff in the Bay Area, where LSF has been headquartered since its founding in 2010.
Packages, such as IBM's Platform LSF, are nice in that they provide an integrated from user to systems management team experience.
LSF also had a fence row densely populated with trees and shrubs next to it (30 m from center of site), however, and MSF had a fence row with a few scattered trees 70 m from its center.
Geary LSF is to use the loans for working capital to help fund growth-oriented projects.
Although a primacy for the LSF band in gender categorization has been found in some studies (Deruelle & Fagot, 2005; Goffaux et al.
Because CERN uses Platform's LSF grid and workload management solution to enable the scalability needed to analyse its research data, the laboratory chose to partner again with the company to more effectively use its resources in a virtualised cloud environment.
The company said its Platform Application Center is available as an optional capability for Platform LSF 7 and Platform HPC Workgroup Manager, facilitating the configuration and use of HPC applications in a heterogeneous HPC cluster for end users and administrators.