LSFMLone Star Flight Museum (Texas)
LSFMLanguages, Semantics and Formal Methods (Laval University; Canada)
LSFMLight Sheet Based Fluorescence Microscopy
LSFMLions Sight First Madagascar (ophthalmology charity)
LSFMLebanese Society of Family Medicine
LSFMLutheran Society for Missiology (religious group)
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LSFM first appeared in 1994 as orthogonal plane fluorescence optical sectioning microscopy and later improved with selective/single plane illumination microscopy (SPIM), which uses a laser beam, or circular beam, focused in single direction.
The first commercial LSFM instrument, the Lightsheet Z.1 from Carl Zeiss Microimaging GmbH, Thornwood, N.Y., was introduced late in 2012 and won a 2013 R&D 100 Award.
One application of LSFM that is particularly suited to the study of single cells or small embryos (e.g., those of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans) is dual-view inverted selective plane illumination microscopy (diSPIM) (Wu et al., 2013; Kumar et al., 2014).