LSFOLow Sulphur Fuel Oil
LSFOLickety Splits Flyball Organization (Lakeside, CA)
LSFOLong, Segmented, Filamentous Organism
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Project background The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is planning to fix package 1 of LSFO, FG, and gas oil pipelines.
Tum olgularin olcek ortalamalari ile Eksen 1 estanisi olan ve olmayan olgularin HAO, (Hamilton Anksiyete olcegi) BDO (Beck Depresyon Olcegi), LSFO (Liebowitz Sosyal Fobi Olcegi) ve GRCDO (Golombok Rust Cinsel Doyum Olcegi) alt olcekleri ham skorlarinin karsilastirilmasi TOPLAM n = 63 Ortalama [+ or -] SD Min Max HAO 8,38 [+ or -] 7.
Prompt LSFO supply was dry but traders heard BP had tackled the offspec problem and will start to supply in the next few days.
Al-Sour is a strategic necessity as it will turn heavy crude oil into LSFO badly needed by the power sector as well as naphtha for petrochemical production and premium motor fuels like low-sulphur gasoil and lead-free gasoline.
As a result, PDVSA declared force majeure on all sales from Borco, where up to 7m barrels of LSFO were trapped.
Shortages of naphtha, LSFO and natural gas have become serious obstacles to Kuwait's future growth plans.
Sks Trinity Trans Maritime 28/10/16 Not Sched 61,000 LSFO Nil
Both HSFO and LSFO bunker specs and marine gasoil are very difficult to find this week for prompt delivery," a bunker trader said.
The Borco shutdown came amid unusually high and rising LSFO demand, as hurricane damage kept supplies of natural gas tight and prices high.
Europrogress Alpine 14/09/16 Not Sched 65,000 LSFO Nil
While KAPCO received a 4% YoY increase in the CPP, the benefit was more than offset by the increase in cost of generation on the back of 1) increased fuel cost (up by 29% YoY) due to use of diesel and further reduction in generation on gas pulling up the fuel expense - LSFO being imported solely for use by KAPCO, the non-availability of LSFO resulted in diesel usage 2) OandM cost doubled on the back of excessive usage of FO requiring major overhauling as well as accelerated deterioration calling for early replacement of equipment.
PSO also seeks firm offer for 120,000 MT of LSFO for delivery in December 2010 and an optional bid for 60,000 MT for delivery between Dec.