LSFOLow Sulphur Fuel Oil
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According to current trend Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (LSFO) with 0.5% sulfur content, will be the main marine fuel choice in 2020.
We shall extend the availability of low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) to other smaller ports where we are physical suppliers by Q4 2019 in preparation for the regulatory changes in January 2020," stated Goel.
According to JMU, Asia is catching up with leading maritime markets like Europe in using LNG and LSFO, especially as the maritime industry expects more stringent regulations related to fuel's sulfur content starting 2020.
On the other hand, the shipping industry will have to switch to more expensive LSFO or install equipment, known as scrubber, onboard to remove sulphur dioxide emissions from the exhaust and allow shippers to continue burning high-sulphur fuel oil (HSFO).
The Argus LSFO 0.5 percent S price is the first assessment to be introduced for new fuels required to comply with lower sulphur limits for the shipping sector being introduced by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).
This leads to the forecast of price differences between LSFO and HSFO.
Generating Units Generator # Unit Type Fuel Max Abs Min Min Cap Cap Freq Dispatched (MW) Controlled (Economics) (MW) (MW) 1 Baseload Low Sulfur 86 39 42 Fuel Oil (LSFO) 2 Baseload LSFO 86 35 38 3 Baseload LSFO 90 39 42 4 Baseload LSFO 89 38 41 5 Baseload LSFO 142 60 63 6 Baseload LSFO 142 60 63 7 Baseload LSFO 87 35 38 8 Baseload LSFO 90 35 38 9 Baseload Coal 180 63 65 10 Baseload Diesel 208 125 140/90 11 Baseload Dry Waste 46 15 ~40 12 Cycler LSFO 56 25 13 Cycler LSFO 57 25 14 Cycler LSFO 49 25 15 Cycler LSFO 49 25 16 Cycler LSFO 57 25 17 Cycler LSFO 56 25 18 Peaking Diesel 53 7 19 Peaking Diesel 50 7 20 Peaking Bio-Diesel 113 45 21 As Wind 30 Available Table 2.
These include natural gases, HSFO (High Sulphur Fuel Oil), LSFO (Low Sulphur Fuel Oil), all types of coal be it local or imported, their different blends and different Calorific Values and Biomass or any other fuel used for steam generation.
Project name: LSFO, FG and Gas Oil Pipelines -- Package 1 Name of client: KOC - Kuwait Oil Company Budget: $1.4 billion Main contractor: Hyundai Engineering & Construction Facility type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Pipeline Status: EPC PMC: Fluor Mideast Location: Mina Al Ahmadi
Liebowitz Sosyal Fobi Olcegi (LSFO): Liebowitz tarafindan sosyal ortamlarda ve performans gerektiren durumlarda yasanan korku ve kacinmanin siddetini degerlendirmek amaciyla gelistirilmis bir olcektir (35).
Ship-owners will face several options: continue to use non-compliant fuel oil and install scrubbers that clean out exhaust fumes including sulphur content, burn LNG or methanol, or use compliant fuels such as Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (LSFO) and marine gasoil.
Al-Sour is a strategic necessity as it will turn ultra-heavy crude oil into LSFO badly needed by the power sector as well as naphtha for petrochemical production and premium motor fuels like low-sulphur gasoil and lead-free gasoline.