LSFTLogic System Functional Test (nuclear power generating station safety systems)
LSFTLaboratory of Seeds Finding Technology (Tsukuba, Japan)
LSFTLongitudinal Stress Fracture of the Tibia
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According to the European Society of Hypertension [28], the average systolic blood pressure (SBP) values in both teacher groups (LSFT: 130 [+ or -] 12 mm Hg; WFT: 136 [+ or -] 17 mm Hg) were within the normal range (Table 2).
The body mass index did not differ significantly between the 2 groups but the average values [greater than or equal to] 25 kg/[m.sup.2] were alarming (Table 2): 64% of the LSFT and 51% of the WFT were overweight or even obese.
Values of body fat mass differed significantly in favor of the WFT (LSFT: 38%; WFT: 34%).
An engagement style hypothesis can be generated following a review of the LSFT protocol content that includes available information concerning social-cognitive context.
The LIBRE Model (Guerra, 2001, 2005) and associated LSFT hold promise as a means of both providing structure for processing of problem situations, cognitions, and affect and providing a basis for counselor generation of hypotheses related to the nature and extent of client potential for self-assessment, self-monitoring, goal setting, and the usual personal and individual context for these activities.