LSGBLighthouse Society of Great Britain (UK)
LSGBLabial Salivary Gland Biopsy (clinical evaluation)
LSGBLipizzaner Society of Great Britain (UK)
LSGBLeft Stellate Ganglion Block (cardiology)
LSGBLocal Self Governance Bodies
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1) LSGB was first described by Hochstetter in 1886, and its identification is important because of the numerous and potentially hazardous associated biliary and vascular anomalies that may be encountered during surgery.
An LSGB may occur either as a single anomaly or in association with one or more congenital abnormalities, including complete or partial situs inversus, hypoplastic bile ducts, a bile duct confluence in the umbilical fissure or an anomalous pancreaticobiliary junction.
Recent data indicate that routine ultrasonography in patients with gallstone disease may fail to identify LSGB disease, which was the situation in our patient.