LSGMLanthanum Strontium Gallium Magnesium (fuel cell materials)
LSGMLegal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. (Florida)
LSGMLarsen, Shein, Ginsberg, and Magnusson, LLP (architectural firm; New York, NY)
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Households with an annual income [greater than or equal to]$75,000 (LSGM: 9.65 [micro]g/g; p = .02) and those taking homeopathic treatments (LSGM: 8.61 [micro]g/g; p = .05) had higher levels of arsenic in their residents, while individuals who rented homes had lower levels (LSGM: 5.70 [micro]g/g; p < .01) than comparison groups.
Table 3 shows a statistically significant higher LSGM blood THg for those who self-reported their cultural or racial background as "Asian" and as "other and multiracial" compared with those who self-identified solely as Caucasian.
"Holland & Knight has always been a leader in the legal profession," said LSGM Executive Director Marcia K.
During the period 2000-2001, nonsmoking workers in the food preparation and service category had the highest LSGM of sCOT (0.088 ng/mL, 95% CI: 0.055, 0.140 ng/mL) among all groups, which was ~158% higher than workers in the science and education category (0.034 ng/mL, 95% CI: 0.029, 0.041 ng/mL).
With Korves's promotion, LSGM now has a total of six principals and five partners in the 75-person firm.
All proceeds from the sale of artwork benefit LSGM.
LSGM concentrations of MiBP monotonically increased over time and were 206% higher (95% CI: 178, 236%) in 2009-2010 compared with 2001-2002.
Since being recruited in 1989 by the Bronx Borough President's Office for the "New Directions in the Bronx" project, LSGM Architects design partner Magnus Magnusson, AIA has worked consistently on a pro-bono basis to realize the goals of the community.
Fruit consumption and professional pesticide use were both positively associated with urinary [SIGMA]DAP concentration in LSGM models (Table 3).
From these models, we calculated the least-squares geometric means (LSGMs), which provide GM estimates after adjustment for other covariates.
The least-squares geometric mean (LSGM) concentration (corrected for covariates) of 3PBA and the frequency of detection increased from 1999-2000 (0.292 ng/mL) to 2001-2002 (0.318 ng/mL) but not significantly.
The Miami-Dade County Public Schools presented Legal Services of Greater Miami and the Legal Aid Society of the Dade County Bar Association with the Dade Partner Exemplary Award for their joint venture with the City of Miami "Mayor's Mentoring Initiative." The award acknowledges LSGM and Legal Aid for their outstanding contribution to the public schools through their provision of on-site legal services at Holmes Elementary School in the heart of Liberty City.