LSGMLanthanum Strontium Gallium Magnesium (fuel cell materials)
LSGMLegal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. (Florida)
LSGMLarsen, Shein, Ginsberg, and Magnusson, LLP (architectural firm; New York, NY)
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During the period 2000-2001, nonsmoking workers in the food preparation and service category had the highest LSGM of sCOT (0.
Table 3 shows a statistically significant higher LSGM blood THg for those who self-reported their cultural or racial background as "Asian" and as "other and multiracial" compared with those who self-identified solely as Caucasian.
With Korves's promotion, LSGM now has a total of six principals and five partners in the 75-person firm.
LSGM concentrations of MiBP monotonically increased over time and were 206% higher (95% CI: 178, 236%) in 2009-2010 compared with 2001-2002.
With planning, urban design and architectural services provided by LSGM Architects, Nos Quedamos continues its collaborative work with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development, the Bronx Borough President's Office and Community Boards 1 and 3.
Fruit consumption and professional pesticide use were both positively associated with urinary [SIGMA]DAP concentration in LSGM models (Table 3).
LSGM and Legal Aid joined efforts with the City of Miami to bring together business partners, government agencies, and community agencies to stand side-by-side with the school that needs the greatest amount of support.
Pregnant women Chemical analyte [beta]-Coefficient LSGM 90% CI (90% CI) (b) Metals [blood n = 225 ([mu]g/L)] Cadmium -0.
01) LSGM concentrations of MP and PP than did adolescent and adult males.
Cotinine concentrations of 0,1 [micro]g/L defined the smoking status for LSGM determinations when an interaction existed between phthalate levels and smoking status.
Children 6-11 years of age had a significantly higher LSGM concentration of DEP than did adults (p = 0.