LSHCLandlord's Self-Help Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
LSHCLone Star Havanese Club (est. 2002; dog club)
LSHCLicensed Spiritual Health Coach
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2) LSHC is currently controlled by members of the Love family.
24) Section 4(j)(2)(A) of the BHC Act requires the Board to consider whether the proposed acquisition of LSHC "can reasonably be expected to produce benefits to the public, such as greater convenience, increased competition, or gains in efficiency, that outweigh possible adverse effects, such as undue concentration of resources, decreased or unfair competition, conflicts of interests, unsound banking practices, or risk to the stability of the United States banking or financial system.
25) Upon consummation, shareholders of LSHC would acquire a significant number of Midland common shares.