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LSHRLiquid Sampling Hot Rolling (metallurgy)
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Swelling and shrinkage are expressed in terms of the linear swelling ratio (LSWR) and the linear shrinkage ratio (LSHR), respectively, as previously defined.
Figures 5 and 6 illustrate the effect of aggregate size on LSWR and LSHR, respectively.
As shown, with an increase in polymer concentration, the values of both LSWR and LSHR decrease.
Figure 10 shows the relative decrease of LSWR and LSHR of specimens with the different polymer concentrations.
The values of both LSWR and LSHR increase with increase in PVA concentration.
Many of the provisions included in the original guidelines eventually were codified in the LSHR. However, while the original document was crafted with the input of housing providers, no input or collaboration was sought for this review.