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2007), who study overeducation among migrants using the second cohort of the LSIA, the covariates chosen to identify the model (that is, variables appearing in [z.
The LSIA is based on a representative sample of 5 percent of migrants, or refugees, from successive cohorts of migrants and was commissioned in the early 1990s to fulfil the need to have better information on settling in Australia than was available from the census.
Table 1: Summary Statistics: LSIA 1 and 2, Males and Females Aged 20-65 Cohort 1 Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 visafam_pref 0.
The information collected in the LSIA by way of personal interview includes demographic characteristics, socioeconomic status, family background, and location details.
Immigrants in the LSIA were asked to rate their health status over the previous 4 wk.
Where possible these variables are measured separately for the approximately 140 countries identified in the LSIA, whereas the birthplace dichotomous variables are for regional aggregates of these countries.
The main weakness of LSIA 3 is that it was not based on a scientifically-drawn sample.
As far as the skill selected migrants are concerned, the LSIA findings are likely to be influenced by the response bias described above.
The LSIA studies: education, language and employment success
7) A DIMIA 'Fact Sheet' (2001: 2) claims that findings from the LSIA 'strongly suggest that a program which is weighted more towards skilled migration will have better overall labour market outcomes and thus a better economic impact than a program which is weighted towards family reunion migration'.
However, the figures shown for periods longer than 4 years after arrival are estimates and extrapolations since the LSIA data do not extend that far.
Ilsley (20021, "Settlement Experience of New Migrants: A comparison of Wave One of LSIA I and LSIA", National Institute of Labour Studies, Adelaide, June.