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([double dagger]) ENSA d'Al-Hoceima, Equipe EMMA, Laboratoire LSIA, Universite Mohammed Premier, Oujda, Morocco (
There was a significant difference in the score of LSIA for intervention group (M = 32.93, SD = 4.88) and for control group (M = 28.26, SD = 4.89), condition; i(1.5) = 7.72, p [less than or equal to] 0.001.
The labour market effects that followed Australia's immigration policy changes throughout the 1990s are studied in a relatively large literature due to the availability of the LSIA, which contains very detailed information collected from a representative sample of the immigrant population entering the country before and after the policy change.
These were accompanied by instruments and targeted data collections to study migrants' economic performance (for example the LSIA).
The empirical section of this paper is based on the LSIA, a longitudinal survey of recently arrived immigrants who received their visas before entry into Australia.
The other source is DIAC's Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants in Australia (LSIA), the most recent version of which is titled LSIA 3, wave 2.
The LSIA, commissioned by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA), surveyed migrants about their settlement experiences during their first years in Australia.
Their longitudinal study of immigrants in Australia (LSIA) over a three year period outlines various measures of successful and results indicated considerable differences in settlement experiences between migrants and humanitarian entrants.
"Settlement Experience of New Migrants: A comparison of Wave One of LSIA I and LSIA", National Institute of Labour Studies, Adelaide, June.
In the LSIA longitudinal study, initial differences between immigrants with different kinds of visa at the level of sp eaking ability disappear after 31/2 years, but they persist for reading and writing skills.