LSIBLondon School of International Business (London, UK)
LSIBLittle Shuswap Indian Band (Canada)
LSIBLateral Sagittal Infraclavicular Block
LSIBLife Satisfaction Index B (psychology)
LSIBLegal Studies in Business
LSIBLife Science and Institute of Biotechnology (National Don Hwa University; Taiwan)
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We retrospectively analyzed orthopedic surgical procedures and identified patients who were applied LSIB between January 2015 and December 2015 at a single institution after Local Ethics Committee approval had been obtained (31.03.2016-E.4563).
The inclusion criterion was that the patients who underwent only unilateral LSIB had to be aged 18 years and older.
All blocks were performed by anesthesiologists experienced in LSIB and residents who were trained for at least 3 years under observing of the same anesthesiologists.
US- and NS-guided LSIB were applied in 170 (69.7%) and 74 (30.3%) procedures, respectively.
The success rate of US-guided LSIB (95.3%) was higher than that NS-guided LSIB (83.8%).
Another study comparing US-guided and NS-guided LSIB reported higher success rates at 95% and 92.5%, respectively (4).
Vascular punctures and pneumothorax are serious complications that can result from LSIB (11-13).
US-guided LSIB was gradually applied in our practice without serious complication.