LSICLarge Scale Integrated Circuit
LSICLocal School Improvement Council (West Virginia)
LSICLietuvos Sporto Informacijos Centras (Lithuanian: Lithuanian Sports Information Center)
LSICLower Sioux Indian Community (Native American tribe)
LSICLongitudinal Study of Immigrants to Canada (Canada)
LSICLinear Successive Interference Cancellation
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The LSIC sample is representative of the distribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the states and territories (urban, regional and remote areas) targeted in the study.
Although the LSIC data do not allow the calculation of overcrowding by this definition, it is possible that those in larger than average household sizes are experiencing overcrowding.
We assigned prestige scores to the occupations reported by LSIC respondents as their "main occupations," regardless of full-time or part-time employment, because main occupation indicates immigrants' perception of occupational attainment and potential growth.
Second, two nationally representative survey data, LSIC and IMDB, were analyzed.
An individual (the 'longitudinal respondent') was randomly selected from each household unit to answer the LSIC questions, with the survey conducted in the language of choice.
LSIC 2005, Footprints in time: the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC), viewed 1 August 2005, <http://www.
Based on a quantitative analysis of data from the LSIC, she finds contradictory evidence depending on timing of retraining.
Participants in LSIC were selected randomly amongst newcomer arrivals between October 2000 and September 2001.
It offers unique insight into the transitions that a cohort of immigrants experienced after migrating and unlike most surveys, the LSIC contains data on different immigrant statuses, which allow us to specifically examine family class sponsored parents and/or grandparents.
4,15-17) In the LSIC, self-reported health was measured using a five-point scale (excellent, very good, good, fair and poor).
The aim of the LSIC is to understand how new immigrants adjust to life in Canada and to identify the factors that can foster or impede this adjustment.
2001; CRS and CERIS 2001), as well as with the LSIC (Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada), which found that 91 percent of newcomers to Canada intend to settle here permanently and obtain Canadian citizenship (Statistics Canada 2003b).