LSIFLife Sciences Innovation Forum (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
LSIFLabour Sponsored Investment Fund (Canada)
LSIFLarge-Scale Infrastructure Facility
LSIFLeslie Silver International Faculty (Leeds Metropolitan University; UK)
LSIFLocal Services Inspection Forum (UK)
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APEC Life Science Innovation Forum (LSIF) Workshop on Medical Products Safety and Public Awareness and Establishing of a 'Single Point of Contact System (SPOCS), May 22-23, 2013: Draft Agenda.
The LSIF will be launched this month and is expected to diversify fund assets across a team of well-versed managers, whose strategies and expertise cover counter-trend, following trend, recognition of pattern, intra-market spreads as well as option arbitrage volatility.
The invoice discounting and factoring subsidiary of LSB, LSIF operates from offices in Telford and Goring.
In Ontario, for example, an LSIF that also qualifies as a Research Oriented Investment Fund would generate another 20% in tax credits, making for a whopping 35% in total.
The APEC LSIF and HWG agendas directly feed into the APEC 2015 theme of inclusive growth through the development and promotion of innovative healthcare systems and products.
2014 LSIF representatives developed the APEC Blood Supply Chain 2020 Roadmap, which sets forth an action-oriented work plan for APEC economies to implement and achieve international quality and safety standards for the blood supply chain.
Building on the work progress to date by the APEC Health Working Group (HWG) and the Life Science Innovation Forum (LSIF), APEC Member Economies led by the United States, Korea, and other interested economies will work to implement a self-funded project aimed at promoting policy dialogue and action to establish sustainable infection prevention and control (IPC) infrastructure.
In 2013, the LSIF and HWG adopted a Joint Work Plan on Mental Health calling for an APEC workshop in 2014 on capacity building to address mental disorders.
In Canada, a large share of venture capital funds has been channelled through a unique arrangement, known as Labour-Sponsored (26) Venture Capital Corporations (LSVCCs--also commonly known as labour-sponsored investment funds or LSIFs).
Through Labour-Sponsored Investment Funds ("LSIFs"), trade unions control some fifty per cent of the available venture capital in Canada.
And so every November, December typically in the Canadian capital markets, you have LSIFs running around like drunken sailors with their wallets open saying, "I've got to spend this money before year-end.
(4) Explore the potential for regulatory cooperation on blood and blood products within the LSIFs Regulatory Harmonization Steering Committee; and