LSITLand Surveyor In Training
LSITLetters & Science Information Technology
LSITLibrary Science and Instructional Technology (East Carolina University; Greenville, NC)
LSITLife Science Information Technology Global Institute (San Diego, CA)
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Significant scope and opportunity exist for LSIT companies to provide all these services in a bundle so as to make the life sciences industry more cost effective," says Sujith.
While these are promising trends, service vendors for LSIT will continue to face the challenge of rapidly changing regulations and will need to demonstrate improved ROI in the future.
New board members are Steven Fouskarinis, who assumes the position of LSIT corporate secretary, and Terry Schmidt, DrHA.
The member organizations that are part of LSIT believe it is critical to implement good informatics practices (GIP) for life sciences information technology (IT) because IT is a highly vital component that enables a company to be efficient, successful, and competitive.
As a result, LSIT has developed Good Informatics Practices (GIP) -- trusted IT guidelines, which address these areas.
This survey will provide a nice backdrop to our first public review of the emerging GIP for Life Science IT," stated LSIT Board Chairman, Elaine Wuertz.
LSIT was founded to help form the global bond that will create a path toward raising the trust of IT worldwide in the life and health science community," said Howard Asher, LSIT Chairman of the Board.
LSIT envisions that GIP guidelines for IT processes will provide as significant a benefit as other important good practices in place today such as GLP, GMP and Good Clinical Practices (GCP), the worldwide guidance developed by ICH for the conduct of regulated clinical research.
We joined LSIT to help establish trusted IT guidance where medical product suppliers together with the FDA and other regulatory agencies can accept the validity of electronic records as 'trusted data,'" said D.
All organizations joining LSIT are requested to assign one Executive Sponsor to serve as its LSIT member liaison.
The LSIT Global Institute will develop trusted IT systems for the life sciences community in the same manner that Underwriter Laboratories (UL) developed trusted safety references and standards for the electrical industry.
The LSIT Global Institute is building this international consortium of life science and health care companies, medical research institutions, IT industry experts, and regulatory bodies from all over the world to collaborate in the development of best practices in IT.