LSJLansing State Journal
LSJLondon School of Journalism (UK)
LSJLinguistic Society of Japan (est. 1938)
LSJLiddell-Scott-Jones (Greek-English Lexicon)
LSJLibrary Student Journal (various universities)
LSJLaser Society of Japan
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DoD Contractors are encouraged to use the ESI agreements when approved by their contracting officer in accordance with FAR 51.Contractor: Brand Name LSJ Required: Yes - An LSJ was signed to justify the brand-name limitation on the award of the BPA itself.
Lattimore, or instead as "sole-guardian fence" (LSJ; lit.,
(19) An example, the LSJ reports this meaning (i.e.
[y.sub.ijklm]=is an observed trait (see above for details); [Y.sub.i]=year (fixed effect with 4 to 7 levels); LSj = lactation stage, fixed effect with 4 levels (from 40th to 99th lactation day, from 100th to 129th lactation day, from 130th to 159th lactation day and from 160th to 210th lactation day); GE[N.sub.k]=genotype (breed group; fixed effect with 9 levels; see above for detail characterization); [P.sub.1]= parity (fixed effect with 3 levels; first, second, third and further parity); [an.sub.m]=animal (random effect); DI[M.sub.ijklm]=days in milk (covariate; 40 to 210 days in milk); [e.sub.ijklm] = is the random error.
A total of 54 pairs of rice grain and soil samples were collected from LY (n = 6), Hengyang (HY; n = 28), and LSJ (n = 20) counties from August to October in 2013.
[[PHI].sub.lSj](p) = [square root of (4[pi](2l + 1)/2j + 1)] [summation over [LAMBDA]]C (lSj;0[LAMBDA][LAMBDA])[[psi].sup.[LAMBDA].sub.jS](p).
Ernout-Meillet la vinculan con una glosa de [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], pero entrando en contradiccion con el significado que da LSJ ("felis domesticus"), pues segun estos (y tambien el OLD: "wild cat") designa, entre otros pequenos carnivoros, al gato salvaje.
Rather, LSJ, assuming that the social statuses of women are transparent and obvious, hides the complexities that surround the words applied to these women or how they are represented generally in image and text.
Your broken hearted LSJ (Jan) xxxx McQUITTY BILLY BILL Dearest brother.
(11) Al respecto vease la entrada lexica de este termino en LSJ y el comentario de Long y Sedley (1987, p.
(10) El diccionario Liddell-Scott-Jones (Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon, revised and augmented throughout by Sir Henry Stuart Jones, with the assistance of Roderick McKenzie, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1940) de ahora en adelante abreviado: lsj, propone las siguientes alternativas: A.