LSJILasallian Social Justice Institute (Eatontown, NJ)
LSJILeadership San Juan Islands
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Fifty-four percent received no personal recognition for transferring their learning to work; 50% noted that there is not a shared culture at their institution that participants can apply their LSJI experience.
Then, a correlation and t test analyses were conducted to examine the extent to which these transfer of learning factors, gender, extent of personal transformation, LSJI site, and level of satisfaction with LSJI were associated with participants' transfer of learning into action.
The learning from the LSJI helped the participants perform their work more effectively.
The level of satisfaction and the degree to which the LSJI outcomes have been achieved are quite remarkable.
Similarly, the respondents specified that their personal and professional lives were dramatically influenced by the LSJI.
The designers and current facilitators for the LSJI programs can rest assured that they have implemented a powerful program that meets the intended learning outcomes.
Regarding the actions taken since attending the LSJI, 71% of the participants reported that they had begun a new or recommitted to an existing social justice project.
These data suggest that the LSJI participants were most likely to transfer their learning when they could easily apply their experience to their jobs, and it helped them solve a problem or develop a skill.
For example, in the written responses in the survey and during the initial interviews, participants were quite disappointed when their bosses, for example, did not ask them about their LSJI experiences or when administrators did not provide leadership for transferring learning back to the work site.
It is conceivable that graduates from the LSJI could have even more consistently embraced social justice initiatives if their organizations had provided greater opportunities and support upon their return from the powerful experience.
The LSJI is an example of a well-developed and implemented mission formation program that makes a significant difference in the lives of the participants.
1 The San Francisco LSJI had only been held for one year and deemed too new for a comprehensive evaluation.