LSLALibertarian State Leadership Alliance (political group)
LSLALake States Lumber Association, Inc.
LSLALine Signalling Link Activation
LSLALow Side-Lobe Array
LSLALietuvos Saugios Laivybos Administracija (Lithuanian: Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration)
LSLALegal Secretary to the Lord Advocate (UK)
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Examples of such negative consequences are found in the literature, particularly that dealing with LSLAs (see above).
An often overlooked implication of LSLAs and possibly also agro-processing investments is the impact on water availability and use, since the legal and organizational regimes for land and water are separated, not well-linked and responsible government organizations generally show low capacities (Knudsen/ Fold 2011, compare Chapter 3.
As for competition over resource use, we have gained the impression that there are still enough resources in rural Ghana to accommodate a number of large agro- enterprises, including LSLAs, without necessarily making many smallholders lose.
of much of the recent LSLAs in Ghana and is usually linked to a first
being a major driver of LSLAs in SSA, to gain a better understanding of