LSLILivermore Software Laboratories, Intl. (Houston, Texas)
LSLILondon and St. Lawrence Investment (UK)
LSLILouisiana State Law Institute (Baton Rouge, LA)
LSLILear Siegler Logistics International, Inc
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PROS II was competitively awarded in December 2000 to Lear Siegler Logistics International (LSLI).
On the contractor side, LSLI maintains two offices, one in Fairborn, Ohio which is responsible for accounting, management information system management, and marketing.
The success of the program relies on LSLI's ability to process a significant volume of requisitions in a relatively short period of time to meet the requirements of the contract.
As of the printing of this article, over 470 vendors have registered on the LSLI bulletin board.
LSLI does not gain financially by increasing the prices on procurement actions.
From 2004-2008, the Emancipation Committee prepared dozens of drafts (68) of legislation and made numerous proposals to LSLI Council.
The LSLI Council wanted to assure that parents could not relieve themselves of vicarious responsibility merely by executing an authentic act of emancipation.
(117) The LSLI Council called for this mode of judicial emancipation to provide an easy, low-cost means to fully emancipate a minor." (118)
As envisioned by the Legislature, the contemplative LSLI process resulted in a reasoned scheme that clarified and simplified the law, and should serve the citizens of Louisiana for years to come.
9, 2004 LSLI Council Meeting] (on file with authors).