LSLILivermore Software Laboratories, Intl. (Houston, Texas)
LSLILondon and St. Lawrence Investment (UK)
LSLILouisiana State Law Institute (Baton Rouge, LA)
LSLILear Siegler Logistics International, Inc
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At the time of contract award, LSLI subcontracted with Northrop Grumman Information Technology (NGIT) in a true teaming fashion to perform all aspects of task order program management.
LSLI in turn issues a purchase order to NGIT who begins the execution phase of the task order in accordance with the SOW and the technical implementation plan.
Purchase order files are reviewed, analyzed, and feedback is provided directly to LSLI at the end of each site visit.
We applaud the FMS customers who have conducted independent logistics research and who have been willing to provide vendor and pricing information to LSLI through the narrative portion of the requisition.
117) The LSLI Council called for this mode of judicial emancipation to provide an easy, low-cost means to fully emancipate a minor.
As envisioned by the Legislature, the contemplative LSLI process resulted in a reasoned scheme that clarified and simplified the law, and should serve the citizens of Louisiana for years to come.
9, 2004 LSLI Council Meeting] (on file with authors).
The Emancipation Committee was comprised of several former members of the LSLI Interdiction Committee, which revised the interdiction provisions of the Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedure in the later 1990s and early 2000s.
9, 2004 LSLI Emancipation Committee, supra note 3, at 1-3.
The LSLI Council rejected efforts to over-complicate this straightforward standard for judicial emancipation by, among other things, rejecting an effort to define the prerequisite to emancipation to include good cause and the additional requirement that emancipation also be "in the best interest of the minor.
The LSLI recommended this language to clarify that laws regulating the conduct of those under the age of eighteen are still applicable to emancipated minors.
During the revision process, the LSLI debated whether this form of emancipation should remain in the Civil Code.