LSLSListening and Spoken Language Specialist (certification)
LSLSLone Star Legislative Summit (Texas)
LSLSLicensed State Land Surveyor (Texas)
LSLSLake Shore Live Steamers (Kirtland, OH)
LSLSLiz Shapiro Legal Search (Philadelphia, PA)
LSLSLake St. Louis Squadron (Dorval, Quebec, Canada)
LSLSLipid-Soluble Liquid Smoke
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Additional CIP projects include lead service line (LSL) replacements and water treatment plant improvements that are expected to remain non-deferrable priorities.
LSLS approach to career development is useful when counseling midlife
Thus, we believe that the integration of the TTM with Super's LSLS
This may specifically have relevance for mobilization of stem cells from marrow into the circulation, as it has previously been shown that interference with the SDF-1/ CXCR4 axis is a primary mechanism of stem cell mobilization from the bone marrow.(11) The LSL may also have a direct effect on stem cell release, as LSLs have been proposed as a therapeutic method for stem cell release and increase of the number of circulating stem cells.
and added to a freshly made AFA water extract Bound material from the AFA water extract was eluted in one of three ways: (1) boiling in Laemmli buffer containing betamercaptoethanol; (2) pH 12.5; or (3) competition for the LSL binding site using heparin.
The Court dismissed the appeal: `Applicant LSLS' v Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs [2000] FCA 211 (Unreported, Ryan J, 6 March 2000) [18]-[24].
The Water Research Foundation (WRF) Report 4351 released March 2017 recommends coating LSLs be considered an option to replacement.
LSLs run underground from the water main to the curb stop tap (valve) at each property; that same pipe may also run to the supply tap inside a house.
Houston, TX, January 10, 2014 --( McKim & Creed, Inc., an engineering, geomatics (surveying) and planning firm with offices throughout the U.S., announces that Michael Hoover, RPLS, LSLS, CFM, has joined the company's Houston office as a senior geomatics manager.
Approximately 5% of colonic polyps are lateral spreading lesions (LSL) [greater than or equal to]10 mm in size that grow through the bowel walls.
The investigators enrolled patients with colonic LSL [greater than or equal to]20 mm, whereas the exclusion criteria were incomplete snare excision; LSL located at the ileo-cecal valve, appendiceal orifice, and fully circumferential lesions; and previously attempted LSL.