LSMCLottery Syndicate Manager Complete (software)
LSMCLymphatic-Sinus Mast Cell (biomedicine)
LSMCLally School of Management and Technology (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
LSMCLaunching System Module Control/Console
LSMCLogistics Specialty Management Committee
LSMCLongitudinally Oriented Smooth Muscle Cells
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We compute swap rates by using an iterative procedure based on the LSMC approach.
(29) Here, we explicitly allow for the impact of collateral and the MTM procedure in the pricing functional: working in a high-dimensional Markov setting, we use an LSMC approach.
We use the LSMC approach (see the "Computing the Swap Rate" section) to determine the expected number of survivors.
The Least Square Monte Carlo (LSMC) method developed by Longsta and Schwartz (2001) has proved to be an efficient and simple tool for such problems (see Cortazar et al.
Where Y equals to per capita GDP, K is the physical capital, L is the number of workers, EM is financial market, LBP is the credit volume of banks and LSMC is the size of exchange markets.
Table 1: Descriptive statistics of the Middle East countries variable LBP LSMC GDP Average 52.08922 211.9639 346159.4 mean 41.91354 13.8320 5851.689 maximum 232.0800 2161.547 6877716 Minimum -55.36872 0.0000 240.6068 Standard deviation 43.47460 510.4486 1271041 In the above table, the central and dispersion variables are shown.
As it can be seen from the above table, the significant level of variable LSMC is higher than 0.05 significant level and it has the positive coefficient correlation.