LSMGOLow Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (fuel)
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The price difference between IFO and LSMGO is an important parameter in choosing a particular method of compliance to IMO requirements.
Methodology of the assessment of using scrubbers or LSMGO to comply with MARPOL 73/78 is presented below.
The assessment of feasibility of using scrubbers or LSMGO on board is comprehensive.
where: [DELTA][C.sub.f]--additional annual costs of using LSIFO in comparison with IFO [[euro]/year]; [C.sub.scrub] f([])--capital (purchase of equipment, installation) and operating costs of scrubbers [[euro]]; []--period of time in which the costs of using scrubbers and LSMGO are equal [year].
Additional annual operating costs of the vessel related with using of replacement of LSMGO determined by the dependence:
The calculations of [DELTA][C.sub.f] concerning fuel switching from IFO to LSMGO of Lithuanian fleet are shown in Fig.
(12) with set P allows defining operating period of vessel [] wherein the costs of using LSMGO and scrubbers become equal.
Obviously, when Y < [] it is appropriate to use LSMGO, otherwise, when Y > [] the scrubbers will be more profitable.
4 allows determining the payback period of the scrubber in comparison with LSMGO. The analysis of the payback period shows that the return on scrubber investment for some vessels is commercially unprofitable because of their operating area and vessel's characteristics.
The assessment of the structure of the Lithuanian fleet allows to state that most vessels may be retrofitted to use LSMGO or have a scrubber installed, in this way complying with the MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI S[O.sub.x] requirements.