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In this study, DEA double bootstrap technique is employed for measuring the bias-corrected TE scores of LSMI and sources of TE efficiency that is not measured in case of Pakistan.
CMI is basically designed for collecting the data on values of inputs and outputs of LSMI and it reports data in Rs.
It can also be observed from table A-3 of appendix that overall TE of LSMI has increased over the period of time.
3] CAO Jian-Shu and Wang Xue-gang: LSMI algorithm based on inverse QRdecomposition,IEEE,pp262-265,2006
The transmissibility of LSMI can be obtained from Equation(6) as:
Equation (9) means that in this case LSMI degenerates to a conventional vibration isolator.
Figure 10 presents the transmissibility of a conventional vibration isolator, a skyhook isolator and an LSMI (lever ratio L=0.
Comparing Figure 10 with Figure 7, it can be seen that similar to LSI, when the lever ratio L is set at L<1, LSMI can also decrease the resonance frequency and the isolator can operate in a lower frequency range.
The comparable figure for LSMI from their earlier study turns out to be 1.